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The Lulworth Cot is a stylish and durable baby cot designed for comfort and safety. Key features include its three adjustable height positions, catering to different stages of a baby’s growth, and its ability to convert into a toddler bed, providing long-term utility. The cot is made from high-quality, solid pine wood, ensuring durability. It also has a large under-cot drawer for convenient storage. The Lulworth Cot’s unique selling points are its elegant design, with a soft grey finish that fits any nursery decor, and its compliance with British safety standards, ensuring your baby’s well-being. The cot’s combination of style, functionality, and safety make it an excellent choice for parents seeking a reliable and attractive addition to their nursery.

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Introducing the Lulworth Cot, a perfect blend of style, comfort, and safety for your little one. This beautifully designed cot is crafted from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring it stands the test of time. The Lulworth Cot features a classic white finish, adding a touch of elegance to any nursery decor.

The cot is not just about aesthetics; it’s designed with your baby’s safety in mind. It boasts a three-position adjustable mattress base, allowing you to lower the height as your baby grows, reducing the risk of climbing out. The slatted sides are spaced perfectly to ensure optimum airflow, while the solid ends provide a cozy, secure environment for your baby to sleep peacefully.

One of the standout features of the Lulworth Cot is its ability to convert into a toddler bed. This means it grows with your child, providing a familiar and comfortable sleeping space from infancy through to the toddler years. This feature offers excellent value for money, eliminating the need to purchase a separate bed as your child grows.

The Lulworth Cot also includes a spacious under-bed drawer, perfect for storing baby essentials like blankets, diapers, and toys. This clever storage solution helps keep your nursery tidy and organized, saving you time and effort.

In summary, the Lulworth Cot is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a safe, comfortable space for your baby to grow and develop. Its timeless design, safety features, and longevity offer excellent value for money, making it a wise investment for any new parent.


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