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5 Stage Feeding System


5 STAGES OF FEEDING: This 5-stage baby feeding bottle is perfect to see your baby through their first months of life right up to being a toddler.. Included in this pack is a bottle suitable from birth, handles when your baby is ready for self-feeding, a hard spout ideal for babies over 6+ months, a solid spout and finally a soft pop-up straw for when your child reaches toddler development.

STAGE ONE: The super soft silicone teat of this bottle is made to help comfort your baby and designed to replicate the softness of the mother's nipple, making this the go-to bottle for your baby from birth.

STAGE TWO: After a few months, your baby may start to reach up to hold their bottle themselves whilst feeding. This is the perfect time to introduce stage two! Attach the handles of the bottle to allow your baby to hold the bottle themselves during feeding times.

STAGE THREE: Great from age 6+ months. When your baby is almost ready for weaning, we suggest replacing the soft silicone teat with the firmer spout included. This allows your baby to adjust to a harder surface when feeding and is also great whilst teething.

STAGE FOUR: At this stage your child will be ready to start drinking diluted juices rather than just milk. This hard spout will allow your child to drink juice from a bottle whilst knowing that their bottle isn't used for milk anymore.

STAGE FIVE: The final stage! By this point, your precious newborn will be nearing a toddler age. At this age, they are independent and may not like to be told when they can/can't drink. This stage of the bottle has a pop up soft straw which can be stored away inside the bottle lid whilst the bottle is not in use.

BPA FREE: All of our Premia products are BPA free and made from non-toxic materials allowing them to be perfectly safe for your baby.

AiZhilang Feeding bottle


BPA free feeding bottle for your little one 

ALG PP Nursing Bottle

  • Made of premium PP material, BPA free, eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic.
  • Compact, lightweight designs make the breast pump easy to hold and use.
  • Textured and soft massage pad helps stimulate the flowing of milk.

Avaet Natural 7items



Starter set for new born babies 

  • Feeding bottles
  • Pacifier
  • Nasal Aspirator
  • Bottle brush 

Aveat Silicon Feeding Spoon

  • Silicone bottles of rice paste: the squeezing spoon has a silicone tip, protecting the child's delicate gums and teeth.
  • Baby cereal dispenser: made of fabric, durable and.
  • Flake dispenser: made of food-grade silicone, durable and practical for long-term use.
  • Baby feeder: simply fill the silicone jar with pureed food and squeeze gently until the spoon collects the desired amount.
  • Rice paste bottles: flexible and easy to squeeze to feed your baby.

Avent Glass F-bottle

  • Philips Avent Glass Natural baby bottle with the Natural Response nipple lets baby control the pace of the milk, like they do when breastfeeding
  • This Natural Philips Avent baby bottle is made of premium quality borosilicate glass, a BPA free material; It is heat and thermal shock resistant, so it can be safely stored in the fridge or warmed and is easy to wash and sterilize
  • Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding with a bottle with a wide breast-shaped nipple which has a soft feel that mimics the shape and feel of a breast; Bottle Nipple comes in Flow 2 & 3
  • Anti-colic valve is designed to reduce colic and discomfort by sending air away from your baby's tummy
  • Silicone baby bottle sleeve helps protect the bottle while making it easy to grip

Avent Glass Feeding Bottle


Easy to combine with breastfeeding

Our Natural glass bottle helps to make bottle feeding more natural for baby and you. The nipple features a comfort petal design for natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for baby to combine breast and bottle feeding

Avent Natural Feeding bottle


This Newborn Gift Set is the ideal way to start feeding and soothing. With the Natural Response nipple, babies can drink at their own rhythm like on the breast, making it easy to combine breast and bottle-feeding. This bottle has a unique nipple opening which only releases milk when the baby actively drinks – so when they pause to swallow and breathe, the milk pauses too. The wide, soft, and flexible nipple of the Avent bottle is designed to mimic the shape and feel of a breast, helping the baby to latch on and feed comfortably. Additionally, the anti-colic valve of the baby bottle is designed to keep air away from your baby’s tummy during feeding, to help reduce colic and discomfort. Every baby feeds differently, and develops at their own pace. We’ve designed a range of flow rates so you can find the perfect one for your baby and personalise your Avent bottle. Replacement nipples with different flow rates are included to keep up with your baby's growth. Mix and match our breast pump, Philips Avent bottle and cup parts, and create the product that works for you, when you need it. The ergonomic Philips baby bottle is easy to grip at any angle to give maximum comfort during feeding – easy for both your hands, and tiny hands, to hold! The wide baby bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy, and there are only a few parts for quick and easy assembly. The included bottle brush with a specially-curved brush head and moulded handle-tip enables you to reach corners of all wide-neck baby bottles, nipples, and feeding products for thorough cleaning.* Take care of sensitive skin with the Philips Avent Ultra-Soft pacifier; the super-soft, flexible shield follows the shape of your baby’s cheeks, leaving fewer marks and causing less skin irritation, for more comfortable soothing.Philips Avent Natural bottles and nipples are made of BPA free materials.** Our new Natural Response Philips Avent bottles are different from free-flow baby bottles. Just like breastfeeding, it could take a few tries to get it right. That's perfectly natural. Includes: 1 Bottle brush, 2 Baby Bottles 4oz/125ml, 2 Baby Bottles 9oz/260ml, 1 Ultra-Soft pacifier 0-6m, 2 Flow 1 nipple, 2 Flow 4 nipple *Brush colour may vary, image for reference only **0% BPA, following EU regulation 10/2011