T-Tippee 2set 150ml


The T-Tippee 2set 150ml is a premium baby feeding product that includes two 150ml bottles, perfect for newborns and small infants. Key features include easy-to-hold design for both parent and baby, slow flow teats for a more natural feed, and a unique anti-colic valve to reduce excessive air intake. The bottles are made from BPA-free material ensuring safety and durability. The T-Tippee 2set 150ml stands out for its combination of practicality, comfort, and safety, making feeding time easier and more enjoyable for both baby and parent.

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Introducing the T-Tippee 2set 150ml, a revolutionary product designed to simplify your feeding routine. This set includes two 150ml bottles, perfect for newborns and small feedings. Each bottle is expertly crafted from BPA-free materials, ensuring the utmost safety for your little one.

The T-Tippee bottles feature a unique, easy-latch-on teat shape that mimics the natural flex, stretch, and movement of a mother’s breast. This innovative design promotes a natural and intuitive feeding experience for your baby, reducing the likelihood of nipple confusion and making the transition between breast and bottle feeding smoother.

The bottles also come equipped with an anti-colic valve that reduces excessive air flow, so your baby ingests more milk and less air. This feature helps to prevent colic symptoms, such as wind, reflux, and fussing, making feeding time more comfortable for both you and your baby.

The T-Tippee 2set 150ml is also incredibly user-friendly. The bottles have clear measurement markings for accurate feeding and are easy to clean and assemble, saving you precious time and effort.

In addition, the compact and lightweight design makes these bottles perfect for on-the-go feedings. Whether you’re traveling, visiting family, or just out for the day, the T-Tippee 2set 150ml is a must-have item in your baby gear collection.

In essence, the T-Tippee 2set 150ml offers a combination of safety, comfort, and convenience. It’s not just a feeding solution, but a valuable tool that supports your baby’s healthy growth and development while making your parenting journey a little easier.


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