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The Onlybaby Breast Milk Storage Bag is a high-quality product designed for safe and convenient storage of breast milk. Key features include its pre-sterilized and BPA-free material, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby. The bags are leak-proof and have a double zipper seal for extra security. They also come with a self-standing base for easy filling and handling. The bags have a large writing area for easy labeling and tracking. The unique selling points include its thermal sensor indicator which shows when milk is at the right temperature to serve. The bags are also freezer-safe, allowing long-term storage. The Onlybaby Breast Milk Storage Bag provides a practical, safe, and efficient solution for storing breast milk.

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The Onlybaby Breast Milk Storage Bag is a must-have for every nursing mother. This product is designed to provide a safe and convenient solution for storing and preserving breast milk, ensuring that your baby always has access to nutritious meals.

Each bag is pre-sterilized and made from BPA-free, food-grade material, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby’s health. The bags are durable and leak-proof, with a double zipper seal to prevent any spills or contamination. The self-standing design allows for easy storage in the fridge or freezer, while the easy-to-write-on surface lets you keep track of dates and times for optimal freshness.

With a generous capacity of 200ml, the Onlybaby Breast Milk Storage Bag can comfortably hold a substantial amount of milk. The bags are also designed for easy pouring, reducing the risk of spills and wastage.

The Onlybaby Breast Milk Storage Bag is not just a storage solution, but a commitment to your baby’s health and nutrition. It offers peace of mind, knowing that your precious milk is stored safely and hygienically. It also provides convenience, allowing you to pump and store in advance, especially useful for working mothers or those with busy schedules.

In essence, the Onlybaby Breast Milk Storage Bag is a practical, safe, and reliable choice for preserving your breast milk. It combines quality, convenience, and safety, making it an invaluable tool in your breastfeeding journey.


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