Chico Soft & Dream Baby Carrier


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The Chico Soft & Dream Baby Carrier is a versatile and comfortable option for mobile parents. Designed with both functionality and style, this carrier securely holds your baby while allowing you to be hands-free. The soft, breathable fabric keeps both you and your baby cool and comfortable. It supports your baby’s delicate spine and hips, promoting healthy growth. The carrier’s adjustable straps and multiple carrying positions – front-facing, inward-facing, and back carry – adapt to your baby’s growth and your comfort. Padded shoulder straps and waist belt evenly distribute weight to lessen strain on your shoulders and back.

The Chico Soft & Dream Baby Carrier is a versatile, comfortable, and stylish baby carrier that allows parents to be hands-free. It features soft, breathable fabric and supports your baby’s spine and hips for healthy growth. The carrier has adjustable straps, multiple carrying positions, and a padded shoulder and waist belt to lessen strain and adapt to your baby’s growth.


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